Appreciate for our community!

SCRIV — You ask, we answer!

A brief statement to the community! The community questions, and we respond !! Here are some questions and their answers :)

— Why hasn’t SCRIV been involved in DeFi, games, and NFTs yet?

From our market experience, this is a trend, in the same way that coins with masternodes were the BOOM of years ago … The Defi, games and NFTs market is still very unexplored, has a lot to grow and although it is very attractive, it is not so simple to deal with. SCRIV is a project to stay, so if we enter the DeFi world it will be to mark our presence. Note the graph of SCRIV and its levels below:

Note that SCRIV’s ATH is $0.01584

— Why isn’t SCRIV listed on larger exchanges?

Lately many exchanges are “closing” in an “unexpected” way, like the most recent case of Atomars, Altilly, Cryptopia, and even the Hotbit that was hacked (and still stands). This brings some discomfort in listing on any exchange out there, we don’t want to see users having problems, so we analyzed several exchanges, and the ones that remain are the most popular, whose cost is too high for listing. Investing in a listing now is not going to be very favorable, SCRIV needs to consolidate itself with more use cases, until then…

— Why are communities so quiet? And how is the project going?

Much of the community is interested in making profits, higher passive income, and more volatile markets. SCRIV is not focused on that at the moment, we must offer something that differentiates and brings personality to our project, not just doing something anyway to get into the trend. Regardless of the time taken, we are working in SCRIV communities, as well as in their development. Much of the market is made up of novice/lay people who barely know the risk they take in very volatile markets, if you are one of them, SCRIV is a great project for HOLD in the long run. Here are some reasons:

  • SCRIV’s transactions are fast, with a cheap rate wherever you accept SCRIV;
  • SCRIV has its official pool, StackOfStake (SoS), where you can obtain passive income from SCRIV and several other currencies;
  • With SCRIV, you can get StakeDrops on SoS, which are extraordinary rewards for great projects;
  • StackOfStake is a platform with custody where thousands of users are securely obtaining passive income.


Answers given, now how about some questions for the community? How: Why do you invest in SCRIV? Would you recommend SCRIV to anyone? Why?… We would like to see concrete comments/opinions, which will really help the project!

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